Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update on the Ghost Tour

Hi there,

We have moved out to Cedar Park, but we will still do the Ghost Tour! Look for new dates in September/October... once it cools down a bit.

Leigh & Dayne

Monday, March 24, 2008

What is up with the tour?

Thanks for tuning in...

We're currently thinking about what we are going to do with the tour. While we love the business, it looks like we may be moving a bit farther out, so we are looking to sell the ghost tour business.

We would never sell it to "just anybody," so I am talking with some specifically talented people. I'll post the updates here on the blog and on the site.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Full Moon Tour added this Friday, Oct. 26th!

It's been a great October, and our Saturday night (Oct. 27th) tour is SOLD OUT!!

That has never happened before!

Since Friday, Oct. 26th is a FULL MOON, we have decided at the last minute to add a tour for this Friday!

Since Saturday is full, please plan to join us on Friday, Oct. 26th!

And remember! Our LAST TOUR OF THE YEAR
is Wednesday, October 31st!

Happy Halloween!

An original poem from a Tour Guest

by Jane Star Fisher

The room seems quiet
The blood long gone
The horror of an Old West shoot out
Faded decades past

But the old stone building
Still stands at the crossing
And with it remains
A lawman's spirit
Watching, serving, protecting
New Town's people

With a nod of his head
And a tip of his hat
He honors the one
Declaring him "Hero"
Cut down by outlaw clan

Most spirits rest
In the graveyard peace
But Grimes remains
A lawman still
Keeping the peace

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Strange happenings on the tour

Here's a note I received from a guest who came to the Sept. 29th tour:


I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for the tour! Me and my stepdaughter, Alyssa truly enjoyed this past weekend’s tour. She had been counting the hours until this tour. I’m from New Orleans and have supplied her with many, many good books on ghosts and this was her very first ghost tour. It was so interesting learning about all the history Round Rock holds. We truly enjoyed it!

I have to say, The Palm House was very interesting. It felt very heavy in the original part of the house. A very different “feel” than the “new” part of the house. I took several pictures and haven’t noticed anything in those although, even though I don’t put much stock in orbs, I did catch an orb at the Rock Room. As you were speaking outside the home, Alyssa was feeling uneasy and thought I was playing a trick on her. She said someone was tickling the small of her back. Also, in the room with the creepy doll, I was trying to snap a picture and it felt like someone tapped me on the left shoulder. However, no one was behind me at the time, there was only a couple to my right. Strange.

Thought I would share. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

Erin Maggio Newman

Photos from the tour

Hi there, ghost fans,

Paul Lang came on our tour and shares these photos. Thanks, Paul!

From Paul:

Hello, I was on the ghost tour last Saturday. I took some pictures. Although I think all of them represent dust or lens flare or normal phenomena they are still interesting.

In [the first] picture there are many orbs but the two most interesting items are the double small orange lights in the window and an orb in front of the bush that meets the criteria in ghost hunting books as a real orb.

In the next picture for no apparent reason the auto focus on the camera decided to focus on something up close. The focal point is clearly near the camera. There are about a dozen tiny orbs all over.

In the last picture there no orbs but a small orange light in the window.

Anyway, we really enjoyed the tour and will keep you guys posted of anything we come across during our investigations around Round Rock and Austin. Thanks, Paul

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recommended Books

A guest asked me to recommend some good books about Texas ghosts, so I thought I would add some here.

To be honest, there aren't a ton of really great books that I have found... The best ghost stories are the ones that are fiction, and usually reporting of ghosts is sketchy at best.

However, Dayne and I used a few books to help guide us on our ghost-hunting vacations...

Haunted Texas Vacations, Lisa Farwell. This is where we learned all about Jefferson, TX, the most haunted small town in Texas. We love that place, and not just for the ghosts - it is truly a charming area up in East Texas. Farwell's stories are in the first-person, telling of her own experiences, kind of like what we do on our ghost tour.

When we were in Jefferson, we met Michel Whitington, who owns the most haunted house in Jefferson (formerly The Grove Restaurant). He also writes books about his experiences with ghosts and stories from around Texas. He has a whole series of them, and the best (in my opinion) is Ghosts of East Texas. Learn more about The Grove, Mitchel, and see his books here:

You can find these books on or even at Half Price Books, probably.